roxanne robinson is a graduate from elizabeth galloway whose blog lucy can’t dance i’ve been following for a while. when she posted pics from her graduate show, my eyeballs immediately honed in on that amazing full floral skirt.

roxanne says,

my range likes the beginning of spring & hydrangeas in glass jars. my range is bourgeois & has a penchant for floral bedspreads. my range lives in a house concealed by decay & disintegrating creepers. my range thrives on conversations with intellectuals. my range prefers to drink milk rather than tea. my range spends her days in the garden with her peonies. my range eats soup from pastel coloured tin bowls. my range is conservative, child-like & has a collection of porcelain dolls. my range detests minimalism, preferring to wear every colour at once. my range is the box at the back of your cupboard that holds all your memories & trinkets you cannot let go of.

the photographs were taken by the talented thomas pepler


  1. These are beautiful. I love her description of the range & the carpet as the backdrop of the photo’s!

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