December, 2010


getting lost in the doctor macro archives is always a joy, especially when you stumble upon total gems like these posters for tales of manhattan

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holly coco

18 year old holly lives in london and likes shooting film.

all images by holly coco

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paul x. johnson

paul x. johnson is a freelance illustrator who lives by the sea and likes to drink tea

all images by paul x. johnson

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wood + leather gifts

bag / shoes / notebook / pencil / camera bag / iphone case / toolbag / knife / belt / pen holder / bowls / bears / boots / radio

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past lives

thanks for sharing your collection, lynne.

all images courtesy of lynne’s lens

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Portrait of Cyril Flower Lord Battersea

i just had to share this painting because it made me smile so hard.

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hello cold

i become a serious moaner around summer time. i hate the heat and all i want is to be able to wear boots and jerseys and all sorts of other warm things. ideally the sun must shine but the air should be cold – is that too much to ask? i suppose it is. on top of it all stockholm street style has been banging out the best shots of ladies in winter garb, making me doubly jealous of the northern hemisphere.

all images courtesy stockholm street style

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lovelorn unicorn: things i like right now

things i like right now by kate of lovelorn unicorn

  1. Astronomy prints from Libris Lunaria.
  2. Summer berries with breakfast cereal.
  3. A beach holiday with friends, board games, beer and barbeques.
  4. Polka dots. Photo: My Vintage Vogue
  5. Iceland. I’m planning a visit for 2012, and also to Russia and the Arctic. Photo: Tim Gasperak
  6. Rachel Carley‘s sweet pastel ceramics
  7. Jenny and Johnny – I’m Having Fun Now. My husband and I listened to this many times on our recent American road trip and I still can’t get enough of it.
  8. Hello Sandwich Gift Wrapping Zine. Ebony’s one of my very favourite bloggers, everything she does is amazing, I can’t wait to get myself a copy of her new zine.
  9. Book club. I just went to my first book group meeting. Wine, snacks, books and laughter = heaven.
  10. Capes, always.
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