December 2010

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red gifts

book / glass / lip pencil / watch / nail polish / cushion / diary / seeds / bag / shoes / ring / mittens

brian w. ferry

let’s imagine a nice scenario. i’d have prints of brian ferry’s photos & hang them all over my house. people would come visit and they’d say, “wow who took these?” to which i’d nonchalantly respond, “oh – my pal brian w. ferry. he’s rad.”

10 of 2010

i was pretty damn thrilled when i received a mail from steph who hosts a radio show at american university in washington dc. she kindly asked me to contribute a playlist to their programme (called “muzak to make your booty clap” – hehe) and my first thought was, “YES! an actual…


im:mortal sports a mega hippies & crystals vibe – but i like their accessories. (how absolutely nuts is her thick braided hair?)

black + brown gifts

i’m having more fun arranging these by colour than actually perving over the gifts themselves. comb / tote / ring / paper bag poster / sweater / book / gotham poster / liqueur

teen fashions

images from life magazine, taken in the mid to late 1940’s by nina leen. not much has changed. “teenage girl wearing blue jeans and large checkered shirt which is usual after-school costume. 1944” “closeup of teenage girl’s wrist covered with six different identification bracelets which are as popular as the…

fantasy outfit #8

indulge me, if you will. have basically gone full on seventies. total price: $1766 (R12,215) – gulp. cardigan / necklace / dress / bag / shoes / sunglasses

studio fludd

remember the vintage collections of caterina gabelli? well, she’s part of an italian collective called studio fludd. i spotted some of their new work via mallory’s tumblr. what a talented bunch of people. buy their stuff on etsy.

nicole miller

i really appreciate the photography of nicole miller. i love these shots because they’re not overly cute, twee or posed. or photoshopped for that matter. those requirements should apply to all photography.