December, 2010

peachy gifts

gift guides are more fun when you organise them by colour.

chair / watch / t-shirt / bag / book

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times like these when i want to keep my absurdly long hair as it is. the beautiful mila photographed by kseniya segina

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mega book shelf

a double storey floor to ceiling bookshelf. hold me. querosene house via contemporist

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more books by their covers

i sometimes have the urge to buy books just to frame them and put them on my walls forever. who has time for reading, anyway! kidding, i am an avid reader. when not internetting.

consider this an inadvertent gift guide – click on the books to christmas shop yourself into a stupour…

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rose bakery

i would have liked to pop into rose bakery when i was in paris recently, which is a popular eatery for lunch & brunch on the weekends (the concept of which is apparently a newish institution amongst parisians.) i’ve read mixed reviews about it online, but i suppose with any really popular place you’re going to have your fair share of lovers and haters.

since i can’t actually go to rose bakery, i might buy their book – the food looks rustic & scrumptious. though i have to admit i’d buy the book based on the cover alone, which is probably not a surprise.

photos: Rose Bakery




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i’m one of those heathens who never ever makes tea in a teapot. i even sometimes leave the tea bag in my cup while i’m drinking it (gasp!) it would probably make more sense to start making tea like a civilized person, as it would mean that i could have 2… maybe 3 cups at a time. this is a good plan.

click on the teapots if you wish to buy them

ps: have you checked out the tea tags group at flickr? yes, tea tag enthusiasts. believe it.

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hamada hideaki

hamada hideaki takes the most amazing photographs of his family

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seventies avengeance

you may remember these photographs garance doré took of ondine azoulay

now we’ve been treated to more of ondine’s great style over at all the pretty birds

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