1. I know that these photos came from a certain time period when things were different but it still drives me nuts that there’s not a single dark face in there! My family has lived in St. Thomas for 50 years. We are American but black. It’s really a pity that history has white washed everything. That’s life, isn’t it?

    • @Aja – i know what you mean, but as you said that is unfortunately the picture that was painted at that time (and the reality in most cases). i would be hard pressed to find photos from the mid-late fifties showing people of different races mingling socially or in a business situation … especially from my own country (south africa.)

  2. I think the Sartorialist posted a bunch of vintage photos of African Americans dressed to the nines about a year ago. I wish I had bookmarked that post. It was truly grand! If I find it again, I’ll send you the link ;)

    PS- Love your blog, keep up the excellent work.

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