another edition of these things.

‘alles’ means ‘everything’ in afrikaans (and in german & dutch too.) i’m not sure what it is about this illustration that i love so much, but i want to frame it or photocopy it or make it my wallpaper or tattoo it on me. perhaps if i were a professional hairdresser that would make sense, but alas. i love that there is a tooth missing from the comb.

this book cover from the collection of journey round my skull

this photo by yuli sato

these goats. photo by giancarlo rado

this spread. cured meats & cheese = the best. photo by nikole herriott

this graffiti captured by michael chrisman

this photo by brad gillette

two brothers

and this room.


  1. That last photo is of the poet Dylan Thomas’ writing shed at his home in Laugharne, Wales. His home, called the Boat House, is situated on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Taff river. It’s a really beautiful house- double story, thick stone walls and a deck wrapping around the second floor. Thomas’ little shed is painted blue has uninterruped views of the river, just magic.

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