asos has long been my favourite online shop because (a) they ship to south africa and (b) their prices are great … not to forget (c) their clothes are awesome.

left to right: dress / trousers / skirt / blouse


  1. Gorgeous threads…but what I want to know is….can ‘uh …erm…’curvy’ girls ever look good in a long skirt?

  2. if you wear it high up, cinched in at the waist with some serious platforms / high boots – i don’t see why not!

    the key is creating enough length for the skirt to fall.

  3. :D U are absolutely right! couldn’t agree more! they rock! In prices, good taste and of course: shipping!! They deliver almost anywhere! *kisses I’m an asos lover!

  4. I want them all! Do they ship to South America??? I’m checking that out right away!

  5. Agreed! Just before Christmas, I ordered Nail Rock and it was my first experience with ASOS. Two thumbs up. The shipped (free at the time) to me in Canada so quickly! Will definitely be a repeat shopper!

  6. Asos is addictive! They’ve got many looks to choose from. And their shipping is quite fast.

    • @ marishka – it depends on what you’re ordering. if the total package is under R500 value then you usually don’t have to pay (as i understand it). i once bought boots from them though (roughly R1000 incl shipping) and the customs was about R500. sooo…. it depends.

  7. i adore asos ,is there any other online stores with the same price range and south african shipping?

  8. I have noticed they( ASOS ) have different sites for different countries , which would be the best one to order from if have having delivered to South Africa ?

    • it wouldn’t make a difference, they all dispatch from the UK as far as i know.


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