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sadie north

i browse the life archives a bit everyday, and usually find something magical. here is 77 year old sadie north doing a variety of robust activities. women like this symbolise everything that’s good about the world.

sadie riding her bicycle

sadie teaching swimming & first aid

sadie making tapestries (!) & babysitting

sadie playing violin (she also plays the organ) & singing in her church choir

sadie mowing her own flipping lawn.

all images courtesy of the life magazine archives

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  1. I laughed when I read “Sadie moving her own flipping lawn”. The babysitting photo is awesome – she made sure she lived a full life, well done that woman!

  2. We are so acclimated to photos of young and beautiful, versus older and beautiful. And strong. And vibrant. Seeing real images of real people in real lives is the antithesis of fear of aging. All that aside, I love the power of Sadie North in these photos of her being strong and active.

  3. These pictures are just peachy – I think Sadie just gave me a kick up the butt to get out of my pj’s and do something useful with my afternoon.

  4. My mother is one of these. She still travels the world fly fishing, horseback riding, and painting, well into her seventies (and doesn’t look her age at all). And she always tells me that life keeps getting more marvellous. Something to look forward to.

  5. This literally just made me tear up—such a lovely (and inspiring) way to start my morning. I particularly love the images of her teaching the young ladies swimming and first aid. Life does such an amazing job (obviously!)! Thanks so much for sharing images that I love to see but don’t take the time to sift through—I always look forward to seeing what you’ll share. Cheers!

  6. That good-looking baby is me, 61 years later!!!

    This was in Brevard,NC, 1952. She lived on Probart St.

    I have an original copy of the Life Magazine, given to me by my mother, a few years ago.

    Thanks for the reminder!!

    This was forwarded to my by my sister in Hendersonville, NC.

    God bless!!

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