backpacker magazine

i wrote a post about backpacker magazine covers from the seventies back in 2009, but unfortunately lost it to the gods of unreliable image hosting. so i thought i’d remind you that you can actually browse back issues of backpacker magazine on google books (from 1973-now)

i have spent an unhealthy amount of time ogling backpackers wearing woolrich & sporting glorious moustaches



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  1. says

    I like especially the one where they’re trekking across the beach with driftwood. . . not the environment I usually associate with backpacking. (I also like Mr. Dude with Flannel and Cowboy Hat, but that’s more because he makes me chuckle a little.)

  2. Deon says

    The 2nd picture, page ’10’, the bridge over the waterfall, where is that, if it’s not too much trouble? Reminds me so much of a spot I visited in Canada

  3. says

    i found an image of yours on pinterest that i loved and then found my way here and have now been here far too long having a great time – thanks!
    my dad’s a cartographer and hiker and used to subscribe to backpacker when we were kids – these images bring back so many memories!