suno & vallotton

i was happily browsing the fall 2011 suno collection, all the while thinking – “paintings. just like paintings. the colour. the patterns. aaah, paintings.” (tricky translating my thoughts, but that was the jist of it) and then i read the review,

There aren’t many designers willing to admit to being inspired by old ladies, but Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty went there for Fall. They said they were specifically interested in the way the granny class accumulates things with a seeming disregard for trends or faddishness. “It’s an exploration of timelessness,” Beatty explained of the collection. But there was nothing fusty or old-fashioned about the wallpaper prints or the geometric motifs, which were informed by the work of a pair of painters, Peter Doig and Félix Vallotton.

seriously! vallotton, specifically, is an absolute favourite of mine. so… you know – this had to be done.

runway images courtesy of



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  1. Malin says

    Everything on this blog is just so pretty, its so refreshing! And I love that you love swedish style, because I am from sweden and I love swedish style!

    from sweden!

  2. says

    For starters, I ADORE your blog- and this pairing in particular blew me away! I’m absolutely blogging about this post TODAY!
    The combinations here of painting and collection pieces do a service to both.
    The outfits are clearer with the paintings as context, and the paintings are more vibrant and are made current by the collection – Brava!!

    Thanks for the beauty!

  3. says

    sigh, you’re too good at this! the combination of colours, textures and tones work so perfectly together. If you combined all your collections into a little book, I’d buy it.

  4. says

    Oh wow. amazing! having been raised in artist colonies, this pushes all my buttons. I need to print this whole layout out and post it on my inspiration wall. thanks for sharing.

  5. Fiona says

    I just keep coming back to this, it is so gorgeous and so inspiring. Among the most beautiful and genuinely thought-provoking things I have stumbled over on the internet, which is really saying something.