remember that scene early on in the first season of mad men where the secretaries get to try out lipstick colours and joan shows off her derrière in the two-way mirror? of course you do. god, i miss mad men. anyway – perhaps the show’s writers found inspiration from these photos. i love this stern little man – he’s either super serious about his job, or really hates lipstick. or he’s super serious about lipstick.

source: life magazine archives

i had a dream the other night that christy turlington was working at my local pharmacy and she helped me pick out a new lipstick colour. it was a really dark plum colour. i woke up thinking – what are you trying to tell me, christy?



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    you find the most amazing pics! wow, these are cool! i am ashamed to say that i never got into mad men but one of the main guys was on snl last weekend and he was so funny – actually made me want to take out the series :)