i can’t remember how i stumbled upon erin’s blog butter + brass – but i knew i had found a kindred spirit when i saw her gift guide for fathers. so much of what she blogs about is the kind of stuff i love to blog about, so it felt like i was visiting an old friend. an old friend with great taste. ps: erin made the collage herself.

things i like right now by erin of butter + brass

  1. Big retro-inspired sunglasses: Even though it’s the dead of winter in Michigan, the sun has been bouncing off the bright white snow and it’s blinding.
  2. Butter nail polish: I think Butter makes the most beautiful polish. This taupe color is my neutral, but I’m ready to brighten things up with a little coral for spring and summer.
  3. White ribbed tank tops: It may sound boring, but if I can’t find anything to wear, I always feel good in a clean white tank. I usually buy 4 in the spring to wear when it’s hot and put them under sweaters in the winter.
  4. Iron and Wine: I’ve been listening to the new album Kiss Each Other Clean on a constant rotation for the past few days.
  5. Long flowing skirts for spring.
  6. Artisan chocolate, like Rogue Chocolatier, a one man bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Minnesota.
  7. Photography: I could look through photographers’ websites for hours on end. Lately, I’m loving the work of Alec Soth.
  8. Hand woven jewelry, like this beautiful silk + recycled brass necklace by Erin Considine.
  9. Biker boots: I received these Madewell boots for my birthday in November, and I don’t think they’ve left my feet since.
  10. Backpacking: Last summer my husband and I spent some time in the Weminuche Wilderness on the Continental Divide Trail, and the year before we hiked the West Coast Trail. For us, spending time together with fresh mountain air and our thoughts is hard to beat.
  11. Tickets: Plane tickets, concert tickets, movie tickets. I need motivation right now.
  12. Duffle bags: Forget suitcases—I’ve switched to a duffle.
  13. Just Kids: I just started reading Patti Smith’s autobiography and can’t put it down.
  14. Beautiful braids: Sweet and simple.


  1. Lovely collection, and thanks Diana for introducing us to the coolest blogs…me at least I didn’t know butter +brass so…I guess this is gonna be the latest addition to my reader! (my 300th perhaps..), oy, too many nice blogs lately!

  2. I agree with Mariella. So many lovely blogs have been added to my morning reads! Butter + Brass is definitely a worthy addition however :) I love that backpacking is on Erin’s list.

  3. Great roundup! Esp. 14 & 13. Because I’ve been wearing my hair like that a lot lately! And because I just finished Just Kids, and I can’t stop thinking about it. xo.

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