with every collection that comes out i find myself focusing more on the details. the hair & lips at galliano, the geometric prints at hermes, retro wood at celine, everything seventies at chloé, chunky knits at stella mccartney, playful sunnies & ice cream colours at tsumori chisato and the dark jungle cat vibes of givenchyall images courtesy of vogue.


  1. I enjoy your blog at look at it regularly, however despite your mention of being in agreement with hila, I cannot help but feel disappointed that you would continue to support Galliano through your posts. I don’t think it’s “stupid” to feel bad about liking the looks from the runway, that is your personal choice, but as a public blogger and one with many followers it seems contradictory, unnecessary and frankly a poor decision (in my view) to feature him considering what he is now connected to, as hila said, I don’t think these things should be taken lightly… I hope in the future you will consider his connotations when thinking of posting about Galliano. I do love your blog and would hate to be turned off of it because of something like this.

    • lulu, while i appreciate your point of view and it certainly made me pause – i have to reiterate that this is first and foremost a personal blog. the content always reflects things that i truly like, and i was honest with everyone in the first place when i said that i was torn by the fact that i admire aspects of galliano’s work irregardless of the fact that his antisemitic remarks disappointed me.

      appreciating someone’s work obviously does not mean that i agree with or condone their personal beliefs. if that were the case then i technically shouldn’t share the work of edgar degas … or even watch a mel gibson movie.

      i’m sorry that you are disappointed. ultimately i have never and would never share content that is degrading or offensive to anyone – something i can’t support and, more importantly, something i don’t like.

  2. the way in which you choose…..damn mamm!
    This post makes me want an inspiratioin board. i’m loving

  3. i don’t feel like you’re supporting galliano by saying you appreciate certain aspects of his label or his runway show. there are a plethora of artists who are saying things in their private lives that i for one would not be on board with. just because i enjoy someone’s work does, in no way, shape, or form tie me to their personal opinions or justify anyone’s actions. any form of racism is ugly. hating a person because of the obvious issues they need to reconcile in their own lives seems counter productive. i say hate racism. and pity the man who is inappropriately struggling through his own upbringing and moral compass so loudly, publicly, and idiotically.

  4. I used to have a freelance job that involved cropping thousands of details from catwalk images. I kind of miss forcing myself to look at all the beautiful details which are now overlooked. Brilliant selection as always!

  5. I understand your point of view and your decision to continue to post his designs much more clearly now. I can imagine how tricky it must be to navigate the curation of this blog, given as you said that it is personal, though in the public domain and viewed by so many. I appreciate your communication and reiteration of your position, and can understand and respect your decision– thank you.

    until the future… xx

  6. What a tasteful reply Miss Moss. I feel the same way. I can’t condone his language or actions. But the man is an artist and it would be wrong of me to ever deny admiring his skills. Lately I just don’t get that upset when celebrities say silly things. Sometimes I think we put them on too high a podium when the average person says ignorant things all the time. (As a black person, I’m prone to overhearing it and taking it with a grain of salt).

  7. I love the way you framed the photos and your whole layout. AND, of course I am so into your curatorial approach. More, more!

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