don draper disapproves

been thinking about mad men a lot lately. i know that a fifth season is on the cards, but no one knows when it’s coming back. apparently it’s a money issue. critically acclaimed but not exactly bringing in the big bucks … like mostly everything that is cool in the world? don draper’s myriad of disapproving facial expressions shows how i feel about this.

this was sort of an excuse just to look at jon hamm’s face. screencaps courtesy of  emma-jane & jon hamm source



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  1. says

    Don Draper is not amused.
    So fantastic–this made me laugh out loud. Except I had no idea that Season 5 might not air this summer (I was so looking forward to it!), so after I finished laughing I made a face quite like dear John here.

  2. says

    I love Jon Hamm. I love that he goes on SNL and 30 Rock and plays the funny man, the exact opposite of Don Draper. It always makes me laugh.

    So the show is uncertain? This is kind of breaking my day here, thank goodness we’ve got great Don pics to make my day. It’s the same with Project Runway – when is there going to be a new season of that? It’s killing me!

  3. Liza says

    I love the exact entirety of your blog, but this? THIS I ADORE! Ohhh! Don Draper. I hear we can expect a season 5 in December, but if this is all hearsay than darnit, I say we round up a crew and shoot our own season pre-make to tide us through! Ending the 4th season was a sad day on my calender. Sad, but so so good.

  4. says


    You & your readers should follow Basket of Kisses, a cool Mad Men blog out of New York. They have the very latest – always. And often, by way of interviews w/MM actors.

    The 5th & 6th season are almost nailed down.