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  1. Jana says

    When I need a break from whatever boring assignment I’m busy with, I always have a sneak peek at your blog. Gives me the strength to face any boss again!


  2. says

    I want to write this in all caps, but I shall resist for now. My husband and I LOVE snuggling our dog Hoosier Daddy! Jon trained him to spoon when we were in college so if you lay just right in bed and ask Hoosier to come, he’ll plop down beside you in a perfect hugging position. Love, love, triple love that there’s a day devoted to this!

  3. says

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I love following your blog … so much happiness in turning to where your mind is turning … who can not love these photos … who can not love dogs?! Even my rabbit Beau approves, but suggests that we consider a bunny day too! :O)