whoa, the BKFST tumblr hit 900 1000 followers today! i have to tell you that this is partly because of the greatness that is catherine green aka wolf eyebrows. you have probably noticed her in my blog roll on the right, and you may remember her things i like right now when i first started the series. she is something of a bloggin’ kindred spirit… so it was a bit of a no duh moment when i asked her if she’d be keen to contribute to BKFST. she is totally putting me to shame too – i find myself having to keep up with all her incredible tasty finds.

please see BKFST for all the image sources



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    Hello Diana, I am impressed by your blog. it is full of interesting things and beautiful images. Congratulations for the series, this one is wonderfull. Nice weekend…

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    This is your tumblr? I’m so impressed! I can’t imagine finding the time for a blog and a tumblr account. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and that spring tart is looking mighty tasty!