thanks to lance for reminding me of this brilliant video. i was just reliving this song the other day, particularly these lyrics:

Even if I could hear what you said
I doubt my reply would be interesting for you to hear
Because I haven’t read a single book all year
And the only film I saw, I didn’t like it at all

i’m sure those of you who are socially awkward can relate! if i go to a party these days i’ll get a few drinks in me and hit the dance floor as soon as possible. it breaks down so many barriers, eh? plus it’s fun.

happy friday all – hope you get some dancing in.


  1. yay! i love love love the kings of convenience—but never saw this video before. must fill weekend with their music. and dancing too, of course… teehee. have a lovely day!

  2. I swear they had a different video with him dancing through rooms and no ballet vibe.

  3. I like the song… But more the video! Its great! Really funny! Thank you for sharing it!

  4. If everyone listened to Kings of Convenience or Whitest Boy Alive all of the time, there would be a lot more super chilled, smiling people in the world :)

    Spread the word. Spread the love.

  5. This is so amazing! I have listened to this song for years now, but had never seen the video! So sweet, so quirky, so funny!

  6. Oh gosh, how funny! I stumbled upon a website the other day where people post mix tapes they’ve created and give their mixes hilarious titles, and I saw this song on one of the mixes that made me laugh, so I listened to it on youtube and LOVED it! The guys are from Norway, which is especially awesome…

  7. oh yes, I can definitely relate!

    p.s. I’ve tagged you on my blog, see my latest post :)


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