rainy day special

a series i love so much i actually have to hold myself back from making more. trying to keep these relatively few and far between because i know that if i didn’t they would become boring. it would be like eating pancakes every day. where’s the fun in that? pancakes are so good because you only have them now and then – usually when it’s raining. apparently only a south african / afrikaans thing … or … something only my mom did? consequently not a rainy day goes by without the thought of pancakes now. anyway, i think you get it. colour comparisons = pancakes in this roundabout analogy.

see the rest of the colour comparisons.

ps: it’s not actually raining here, but i hope it is somewhere.

lee olivieramaurice denis – parisians at the seaside, evening

altamirawilliam merritt chase – portrait of miss e.

streetstyle aestheticcharles w. hawthorne – woman in green

style sightings / charles ernest rodolphe henri lehmann – faustine leo

trendy crew / mucha – portrait of maruska

vanessa jackmanedouard manet – parisienne, portrait of madame jules guillemet

the sartorialistcharles w. hawthorne – the lovers

the sartorialistmary cassatt – the letter



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  1. says

    Ok, two things. The first is that I love th necklace in that first image. Especially over the chambray shirt.

    Secondly, I have never heard of pancakes on a rainy day.On weekends, yes, but not rainy days specifically! I love it though. It reckon it sounds like a family-specific tradition!

    My mum had her own breakfast tradition – She would make us porridge in the morning before school and if we were happy, we got a happy face in raspberry jam on top. If we were in a bad mood we got a sad face instead. I would do anything not to get that sad face – I despised it. If I have little ones, I will SO be passing this tradition on! You have to pass the pancake tradition on!!

    • says

      what a great story! definitely something you should pass on.

      eating pancakes on rainy days here is actually a south african ‘thing’ (if you click on the pancakes link above you’ll understand why.) when i was small i thought it was just something my mom did, but realised inevitably that it was a tradition passed down through the generations.

      very cool nonetheless, and something i will definitely pass on if i ever have kids some day!

      • says

        Ooh I love it. And with cinnamon sugar and lemon juice! Pancakes are so comforting, aren’t they?

        As I get older I am really coming to appreciate cultural (and family) traditions like this. Maybe its because I get closer to potentially having little ones of my own.

  2. says

    Oh, you can do as many of these as you wish! I find them utterly irresistible and I grin like a monkey every time you post another! They’re like witchcraft, I don’t know how you do it!!

    And, yes, it’s raining here!

  3. carina says

    Such a wonderful post – as always. You seriously need to publish a book with all these. I hope you have already been contacted by someone!?

  4. says

    Brilliant, brilliant pairings. I’m an art junkie, and I love how you’ve incorporated our newest form of street art with more classic paintings. I stumbled across your blog recently, and you are always my morning go-to for inspiration. Thank you for all the daily awesomeness!!

  5. sara says

    Wow! I am amazed. Your blog is amazing. Trust me, posting stuff like this will never be boring. Please keep going.
    New fan and will now become an avid reader.

  6. says

    These are so great! You have to make more, they are not boring at all! How did you find them – do you just have such an amazing memory of works of art and blogger outfits, or is there a way to search for them according to color palettes?