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  1. ap says

    Beautiful pictures… I’m from Scotland and my family have a holiday house in the highlands full of hand-me-down furniture and homewares from relatives and friends… a few of those pictures could be lifted straight from childhood holidays there, particularly the twin beds with pink bedcovers and soft headboards, the huge AGA in the kitchen and the old pram in the garden. What a lovely trip down memory lane!

  2. says

    A great photo series!

    A college classmate of mine had a Hasselblad, and all of us other photo majors drooled over it constantly. I still dream of owning one, plus a Leica M series to keep it company. Now I just need to win the lottery…

  3. says

    love (just wanted to mention this. actually only typed “love,” but the comment thingee said i had to say more; so, also, may i note that you have a particularly fine eye. happy to meet you.) vt

  4. says

    There is a special quality of silence that these photos possess… I have been reading about how the scientist Michael Pupin, who, in order to better understand the writings of J.C. Maxwell, spent a summer in the Highlands, here is a page about it, on the offchance anyone wants to read of the magic of Scotland: