hila tagged me in her seven facts post. i kind of love these things and have never done one… so decided to play along. i’m not going to tag anyone – but if you like this and end up doing one yourself, please leave the link in the comments!

1. the movie i have seen the most times in my life is the three amigos. over 100 times would not be an exaggeration.

every single time i watch it i try to hold my “three aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-migos” as long as they do..

2. my favourite food in the world is classic macaroni and cheese. here’s a good recipe.

3. the only heels i actually own are black ones, something i realised when trying to figure out what to wear to a wedding this weekend. this is not a good thing. i prefer wearing heeled boots to actual heels (perhaps because my legs are “sturdy” ? heh) – consequently i own a variety of beloved boots. can you wear boots to a wedding?

– the coveteur

4. i grew up speaking afrikaans but now only speak english. my parents speak afrikaans to each other. my three brothers all speak afrikaans to eachother, my dad speaks afrikaans to them & vice versa, my youngest brother speaks english to my mom and vice versa, and i speak english to everyone. on top of that two of my brothers are married to lovely german ladies – so they and the four grandchildren sprechen ze deutsch. conversations when the family comes together can switch between english, afrikaans and german all in one sitting. this confuses outsiders… which is awesome.

ps: perhaps it seems ridiculous that i linked to a wikipedia article on what afrikaans is – but i have seen foreigners refer to it as “african” so many times it absolutely does my head in. south africa has 11 official languages, which is only the tip of the language iceberg … just so you know. nobody speaks ‘african’ – such a thing doesn’t exist.

my brother and i – one of my favourite photos ever.

5. i do not possess any apple products besides my circa 2007 classic ipod. no iphone, no mac, no ipad. the uncoolest designer / blogger award would go to me. that said, i grew up with PCs. they do not confuse or irritate me. everything i know about computers is PC based. so i ask myself…will i ever be able to make the switch? the best of both worlds would be nice… (are there any apple dudes reading? care to sponsor? i’m not desperate or anything.)

christopher c. hayes

6. i know all the words to dead prez – hip-hop and cannot stop myself from rapping along every single time it shuffles into my playlist. yes, me rapping along IS as ridiculous as it sounds.

7. i have never broken any bones. hopefully this fact holds true forever.

powerhouse museum collection


  1. I’ll continue my long commenting on your recent posts – I wore boots to a wedding last fall. It was rainy & outdoors though, so there was really no question as to whether it was appropriate or not. And it was Maine. Which, I realize, means nothing to you, because the state of Maine probably has no connotations to someone who doesn’t live in the US. But. Woodsy.

    I love the train birthday cake.

    & I’ve never broken a bone either. EXCEPT in high school when I spent my summers working at a camp… I slid down a slide with a kid, rammed my foot into the side at the bottom, and I believe I broke my baby toe because it ached in a huge painful way for several weeks. I never had it looked at though. So I can’t be sure, but I’m gonna say that bone was at least fractured if not altogether cracked. I don’t know if those terms make sense at all… as someone who has never officially broken a bone.

    • it’s raining her a bit at the moment…. i am seriously thinking about rocking the boots now.

      ps: perhaps your toe is STILL BROKEN.

      kidding (?)

  2. You’re officially my fave designer for NOT using Apple!

    I’ve seen Three Amigos close on 30 times… Waynes World on the other hand, easily 200 times.

  3. love this! ditto on the apple stuff, I dont even have an ipod *sniff sniff*
    love the pic of you and your brother!

  4. Ditto on points 5,6 and 7!
    I’ve never owned any apple gadget of any sort, not even an iPod, so I reckon I’m winning that uncoolest designer / blogger award ;)
    Hoping to change that soon though! Working towards a Macbook Pro.

    I love Dead Prez – Hip Hop. Especially in my car, although my speakers aren’t too chuffed with the bass.

    Never broken any bones, but I kinda almost wish I had :P

  5. snap on the macaroni cheese. my favorite food too!
    i’ve broken more bones than i care to count. it’s not cool. it hurts.

  6. Ah! The Three Amigos! Brilliant film.

    Even now, years (years!) after watching it, I still chuckle and break into a frank giggle, when I remember the singing bush . . .

    By the way, not a bone has been broken yet in my middle age frame either. Yet. But I am an architect and have a fair few Apple gizmos. Predictable or what? You, dear Miss Moss, are cool with or without Apple, and they will be fools if after reading your blog, they decide not to sponsor you.

  7. Lovely list! That picture of you and your brother is so sweet.

    I have an [English] cousin who married an Italian man. I was speaking with her at their wedding, and halfway through the conversation she unconsciously switched into Italian. I’ve always wanted to be able to speak another language!

  8. “One for each other and all for one, the three brave amigos are we!” When I was little, my brother and I would stage parts of the movie, mostly just jumping onto the back of the couch pretending it was our horses and doing the chest slapping/coughing thing. That movie looms large in my childhood memories. Love it.

    • my brother and i watched it every single day after school! so cool that other people had parallel lives across the world :)

  9. This was sweet.

    My belly let out an audible gurgle when viewing that delicious platter of mac’n’cheese!


  10. facts can sometimes be boring, but yours are actually fun and entertaining :) thanks for sharing!

    • i’ll be sure to check it out!

      (though i am very, very biased in favour of my mom’s recipe)

  11. I’ve never broken any bones either! High five! (and knock on wood…)
    Also, so interesting about your languages. South Africa is quite a mystery to me, I must pathetically admit.

  12. It makes me smile that you use PC! I don’t use any apple products either! They also confuse and irritate me!
    I waited for 2 years for a good non apple smart phone to come out!

  13. Dus als ik reageer in het Nederlands dan begrijp je wat er staat? ;)

    Love Macaroni & Cheese as well, don’t own anything Apple and have never broken a bone :) Love your blog :) Why did you switch to speaking English? Can you still speak Afrikaans?

    • haha! i can actually sort of read dutch, but if someone speaks it to me i definitely don’t follow. funnily enough my uncle is dutch (he was born & lives there) and he speaks a mix of dutch and afrikaans to me (which he picked in south africa and from his afrikaans wife) and i can understand him. interestingly flemish is much closer to afrikaans than dutch is.

      i can still speak afrikaans but i don’t. it’s actually just a mind-block more than anything. my parents sent me to an english primary school when i was 6, so i ended up making english friends and of course spoke english at school – so my afrikaans slowly faded away. then i realised that when i did speak it i had a slight english accent, and because no one else in my family did it made me very self conscious. i immediately stopped speaking it because i am super shy about stuff like that. and… well.. i suppose it’s kind of sad, but i just don’t speak it any more. and if i try to i end up stuttering like colin firth in the king’s speech.

      EXCEPT if i speak to strangers, then i can speak it fine….

  14. I actually bought the soundtrack to The Three Amigos. Not only do I get to listen to “My Little Buttercup” whenever I want, but they also included one of my favorite scenes – when they have to sneak into the studio to get their costumes, and Steve Martin is on top of the wall trying to discreetly get Chevy Chase and Martin Short’s attention (“lookuphere, lookuphere!”). Listening to that always puts a smile on my face

    • oh my god. that is probably my favourite part. whippoorwill, whippoorwill!

      my brother and i re-enact it all the time and NO ONE GETS IT.

      i didn’t even know there was a soundtrack… interesting.

      • kaa, kaa! that’s me and my sister’s favourite part as well : ) we had it on video, taped from some or another sabc channel – watched it every school holiday, ads and all : ) thanks for the memories and an inspirational blog! kind regards, from a capetonian in germany *

  15. I LOVE this post SO friggen much!
    I just laughed so loud after I that 3 amigos clip!


  16. Ha! I love your 7 things. If the B.F. saw this, he might want to runaway with you! He is a big 3 amigos fan!!
    I love the picture of you and your brother. Wondering, did you make him cry! ;) he, he

    Love visiting your blog as always!

    P.S. Here are my 7 things :)

  17. you are awesome! your facts are brilliant.
    you brought back a memory for me. i had the broadway soundtrack to ‘chicago’ permanently in my car, my daughter and i would sing to ‘they both reached for the gun’, and we would try to sing ‘theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn’ as long as billy does…and never could.
    now that i reread this comment, i realize this is not a proper song to sing at the top of one’s lungs, but we did.

  18. jeff bridges AND the three amigos? SOLD!!! this post made me smile. and gawk.

  19. hahah JUST watched the three amigos and had a taco night last week. it really is a delightful film. and it made me want to wear a bedazled bolero jacket!

  20. I have never broken a bone either, and the only apple product i own is my ipod, too!

    and that picture of you and your brother is precious.

  21. I’ve never broken a bone either and my husband is convinced that you haven’t lived until one cracks. Something to shoot for… nah. Oh, and, speaking of Amigos… there were 3 small hills between my house growing up and the neighbors. Me, my sister, and our neighbor Kristen would run out to the hills, each standing on our own, and sing the theme song. a lot. I’ve never admitted that until now – I feel so liberated:)

  22. you’ve just confirmed how much we’re alike even more (I knew our similarities extended beyond a love of menswear and cold weather).

    1. I love macaroni and cheese too, I practically lived on it when I was on my own in the UK.

    2. I’m not good with heels either – and I don’t even have the excuse of “sturdy” legs :)

    3. the description you gave of conversations within your family switching between different languages pretty much summarises my family too.

    4. the only apple product I own is my ipod too, I’m a PC girl.

    5. I’ve never broken a bone either.

    Thanks for playing along, ’twas grand to read more about you.

  23. about MAC – I have just swich – but are not convinced – AT ALL – miss a lot of things that PC do for me – but hope that when I´m abel to have at least one of mye ONE TO ONE class – everything will fall in to place!! I hope – making list of what to ask, how to do and everything – TIME is a problem doo
    have a nice weekend!!

  24. My mother had that cake book too. I would just sit and page through it when I was younger, dreaming of birthday cakes.

    I completely agree with you about the whole Afrikaans thing. I grew up in an English family but it still annoys me never the less when Afrikaans is referred to as ‘African’.

  25. Love this post! My husband is Afrikaans and I am American… quite the combo. I can only speak a few words, my favorites are “julle” and “goedheid genadig”. Ha! I love listening to him talk to his family on Skype or in person, it’s fun to try and guess what they are talking about. Also, when we got married my sister made us a book of photos from when we were babies growing up on different continents until we met in 2005, although thousands of miles away, we had very similar upbringings. It’s so interesting. And one final note, he had that identical train cake for his 5th birthday, it must have been circulating around the Afrikaans moms! xx

  26. Great!! you’re 1000000000 times cooler than before! and Dead Prez is awesome! :D

  27. I’ll probably sound like an annoying Apple user but ‘once you go Mac, you’ll never go back’.
    I was using PC’s from the age of 6 until I was 21 but my macbook is seriously the best thing I own (oh god, I do sound like an annoying Apple user :P).

    This is my first time commenting btw, I absolutely adore your blog!

  28. There’s a program for Apple called Parallels. It allows you to use Windows with the ease of Apple. It was the easiest way to switch. Maybe even a little blasphemous to the Apple fans.

  29. Fun post – I really enjoyed all the tidbits :) I have seen Muriel’s Wedding at least 30 times. And also The Fifth Element, dozens of times. I have never seen The Three Amigos! If you have watched it that many times it is surely a must-see! Consider it added to my list :)

  30. I think it is awesome that one family can speak multiple languages. I can’t even imagine that.

    And the switch from PC to Mac I found quite simple. I have both and think they are basically the same thing.

  31. what a fun post :) i’m glad i’m not the only one who doesn’t own a mac. and now i have it in my head to watch the ‘three amigos’ with my kiddies this upcoming weekend!

  32. Miss Moss

    You will love mac. I recently, at the age of 27, switched to mac with the acquisition of an 11 inch macbook air. It is simply incredible. There are hardly any real adjustments to make since all files are fully compatible with the right software.

    Go check out the new mac dealer in Stellenbosch, Buro, if you haven’t been there.


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