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April 2011

  • Photography

    Jake Stangel

    jake stangel’s body of work is so exceptionally mesmerizing that i had to stop myself from sharing basically everything on his website. focus, diana. i actually discovered him on flickr (once again,…

  • Photography, Stuff

    Bits of my (long) weekend

    one of the best things about this past long, long glorious amazing easter weekend was that i “forced” myself to take my camera around with me. truth is, i’m a lazy photographer.…

  • Stuff

    These long, long weekend things.

    it’s easter weekend, which means that south africa kind of shuts down for a while. we have a long-long weekend ahead of us – i’ll be on holiday from tomorrow for 6…

  • Photography

    Stepan Obruchkov

    i really enjoyed browsing through the portfolio of photographer Stepan Obruchkov. his photos make me smile, especially those of his dog Buyan… who i desperately wish to cuddle. all photographs by Stepan Obruchkov…

  • Miss Moss: High school fashions, 1969
    Fashion, Vintage

    High school fashions, 1969

    i know what you’re thinking… are these more fashion snaps from coachella? no indeed! these are high school fashions in 1969 photographed by arthur shatz for life magazine.…

  • Stuff


    finally got my hands on a copy of bossypants yesterday (i had to wait for the ipad kindle edition since the actual book isn’t available in south africa yet. like most good…

  • 17 it was a good day

    It was a good day

    mid-month music mix is here. there’s no rhyme or reason to this one, just a bunch of tunes i have been enjoying & playing to death lately. i decided not to over…

  • Fashion, Stuff

    Black + White

    more of amy’s collages. these are old & there are no sources for any of the pics unfortunately (mostly from vogues and other magazines anyway.) click on each image for the hi-res version.…

  • Stuff

    Tara-Lynn: Things I like right now

    tara-lynn and i internet bonded over a mutual love for the life magazine archives. she manages to find the most incredible gems over there all the time which she shares, amongst other…

  • Fashion

    Jet Black Bob

    have been very, very tempted by this hair lately. – anna karina – chantal goya – both by ciorania…

  • Living

    Max Rollitt

    my parents have bought antiques over anything new in the furniture department as far back as i can remember. when i was younger i thought it quite fuddy duddy and would roll…

  • Fashion, Photography

    that was then, this is now

    the ones2watch is an online magazine that showcases the fashion industry’s up-and-coming photographers, stylists & other peeps behind the lens. if you’re seeking some inspiration i suggest you browse through their past…