origami animals. origanimals.

i can picture an arrangement of origami animals by south african origami artist quentin trollip on a table somewhere in my house. that would be magic. these have been designed & folded from a single uncut square of paper (where the animals have more than one colour two pieces are MC’d together)



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    haha! I love it.
    I boughr an origami book a few years back & started making everyhting in it. One was a dog that reminds me of the ones here, but these ones are much cooler.

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    Very cool! I have this strange, leather origami-type animal that I got from Design Indaba last year that you buy in the form of a cutout and put together yourself. It’s quite cool. Origami’s so wonderful, wish it wasn’t so difficult.

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      i should have said that he glues them together, yes. (he uses the term MC’d which means Methyl Cellulose – a way of glueing paper)

      i merely wanted to explain why there were two colours.