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    I started following Milk Teeths recently too… I love both of them because I can actually picture myself wearing all of their outfits. & not in an aspirational way. In a – “I could wear something like that tomorrow… or right now” sort of way. In a – “I could wear these outfits & look stylish but not be stared at (in a bad way) by the people in my rather un-fashion-forward section of the world” sort of way. Yeah.

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    Umm…HI!!! Oh gosh, someone tipped me off that I was on your blog an ‘lo and behold I am! Thank you so much for the feature! I knew you from your tumblr since I see it reblogged all the livelong day so I was wondering, “…could this be Miss Moss from the Miss Moss Blog?!?!” and it was. So, yeah, hey lady ; )