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To be an artist

– Brenda Putnam

– Aline H. Rhonie

– Tosca Olinsky

– Doris Caesar

– Nan Mason

– Daisy Marguerite Hughes

– Helene Sardeau

– Countess Maria Zichy

– Elizabeth Tashjian (aka The Nut Lady – interesting story here)

– Margaret French Cresson

all images from the smithsonian institution flickr collection

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  1. I loved reading the story of Elizabeth Tashjian! She sounds like a gentle soul, maybe she had the right idea, I mean she made it to 94 without ever working a steady job! Way to go.

  2. Fantastic photos! I love seeing artists at work and that they’re all awesome women on top of that makes this a total win.

  3. I’m always so astonished by sculpture and totally in awe of artists who can take lumps of clay or whatever and turn it into something beautiful. Every time I try to sculpt anything it turns out worse than a toddlers Play Doh figure, haha.

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