Chih Chen

chih chen has a ginger cat that makes me swoon. he looks like he would be an ideal cuddle partner. i’m only assuming he is indeed a male because ginger cats are usually male, right? (3:1 male to female ratio i believe – cat fact.) be sure to check out the rest of her mesmerising film photography at her flickr… i got lost in there for quite a while.

edit: his name is rufus :)

all photographs by chih chen



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  1. says

    omg. i just want to skweeze him really tight!
    you’re right about the ginger male cat thing, one of my 7 cats is a freaky totally ginger female. my vet calls her ‘special’ :)

  2. says

    Aww, what a cutie! I love ginger cats and am currently house-sitting a place with two feline residents, one of which is the less-common female ginger. She’s adorable and super-lovely. Except when she bought that rat in, but let’s not go there, haha.