Max Rollitt

my parents have bought antiques over anything new in the furniture department as far back as i can remember. when i was younger i thought it quite fuddy duddy and would roll my eyes like any good teenager when they spoke about yellowwood dining room tables and cape dutch food cupboards. fortunately i grew up and came to cherish and appreciate these things, and it has certainly influenced what kind of pieces i would choose today.

which is why i’m quite taken with the portfolio of max rollitt, a dealer & restorer of antiques as well as a trained furniture designer & maker whose company also specializes in bespoke furniture and interior design. be sure to check out the inspiration section, which has a pretty rad click through collage feature.

whenever i see an antique chair i can’t help but think of parson’s pleasure by roald dahl. i’ve read it so many times, and strangely always root for the antique dealer – even though i know i shouldn’t. oh, the ending makes me cringe.



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    thank you for sharing these, I love them. I’m currently moving into a flat but seeing as the lease doesn’t end on the house I rent with my friends till August I’ve got all summer to decorate :) I love finding inspiration like this. Brilliant colours, my favourite details are the red legs on the dining table and the dolls house. If only my flat had a fireplace like that…

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    Wonderful pictures and such pretty furniture. I love vintage furniture, currently looking for an old, worn table and kitchen buffet! great inspiration!
    Have a lovely day!