Bits of my (long) weekend

one of the best things about this past long, long glorious amazing easter weekend was that i “forced” myself to take my camera around with me. truth is, i’m a lazy photographer. i’m bad at documenting things – something i really should be doing because my memory fails me on an almost daily basis.

so i was thrilled when kate asked me to contribute a post to her new bits of my weekend guest series. kate’s bits of my weekend posts are just one of the many reasons i love her blog, and every single time monday rolls around and she shares her photos i think dang it, why don’t i take more photos? check out my guest post here.

here are a couple of outtakes, these were shot in a little vintagey bric-a-brac shop called sunshine trading at the old harbour in kleinmond (a town next to betty’s bay.) if you’ve ever cruised the coastal road between hermanus and gordon’s bay you’ve probably stopped in there. and if you haven’t – you should. i was pretty close to buying that crying girl print. but it was kind of steep at R850, and i wasn’t sure if i could handle her sad face staring down at me all the time, eyes-a-quiver. someone go get her!

ps: see the rest of my weekend photos at flickr



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  1. says

    I’m so lazy when it comes to taking pictures and carrying my camera with me, so I can relate. But these photos are proof that you need to force yourself more often, they’re great.

    p.s. awesome guest post.

  2. says

    oh nice that you’re back! I love following your blog, so much beautiful and diverse inspiration.

    that second photo in your last post (the need supply co’s spring catalog)- I completely fell for and it made my weekend.

    also I agree, awesome guest post.

    thank you!

  3. says

    You take beautiful photos, you should definitely share them more often! I’m the opposite and seem to take my camera everywhere, my hard drive is filling up way too fast!

  4. florence says

    lovely photos and guest post! it looks like such a magical place and you captured it so well… (can you tell that i’m catching up on your blog with all my commenting :)