finally got my hands on a copy of bossypants yesterday (i had to wait for the ipad kindle edition since the actual book isn’t available in south africa yet. like most good things i anticipate it won’t be for a while.) i got home from work, made myself comfortable on the couch and didn’t move for the next 5 hours. then i got into bed and read some more. according to this fancy contraption i’m 80% through this puppy. can never seem to pace myself with something that is so good. my favourite bit (so far) would have to be where tina talks about her dad don fey. this gem specifically:

Before I was born, my mother took my brother to Greece for the whole summer to visit family. When they were finally coming back, my dad washed and waxed his Chevy convertible, put on his best sharkskin suit, and drove all the way from Philadelphia to New York International Airport to pick them up.

Their flight was due to arrive early in the morning, so Don Fey, who is never late for anything, got to the airport just before dawn. As he popped on his sweet lid and walked across the deserted parking lot toward the terminal, he saw two black gentlemen approaching from far away. He played it cool to hide his apprehension. He was in New York, after all, one of the world’s most dangerous cities if you’re from any other city, and from far away in the dark he couldn’t tell if the guys were airport employees or loiterers.

As they got closer, he noticed they were staring him down, he continued to play it cool. Don Fey had grown up in West Philly, where he lived comfortably as a Caucasian minority. Of course these guys didn’t know that. His heart was beating a little faster as they came within ten feet of each other.

The guys looked at him intently, then one turned to the other and said, “That is one boss, bold, bladed motherfucker.”

consequently i don’t have much to share today. so here’s a little interview i did with amber at her new blog (south african readers will know amber from the mr. price blog.) she gussied it up to another level, seriously.

i can also reveal a nice little colour comparisons project for J.Crew with their fall collection that is up on their blog! i’m quite amazed that so many of these big fashion companies have their official blogs on tumblr… kudos to tumblr. here are a couple of the comparisons that didn’t make the cut, see their blog for the rest.

paintings from top to bottom: Henri Rousseau – Forest RendezvousAxel Fridell – Interior with NapoleonLovis Corinth – Wilhelmina with a ballHenri Fantin-Latour – A Large Bouquet of Roses


Black + White

more of amy’s collages. these are old & there are no sources for any of the pics unfortunately (mostly from vogues and other magazines anyway.) click on each image for the hi-res version.


Tara-Lynn: Things I like right now

tara-lynn and i internet bonded over a mutual love for the life magazine archives. she manages to find the most incredible gems over there all the time which she shares, amongst other nice things, on her blog stay fancy free (this recent one of students in paris in 1961 is just one example that sent me into a tizzy.) she is also a talented knitter, selling handmade pieces over at her shop yarn over movement – the cambridge cowl is my favourite.

things i like right now by tara-lynn of stay fancy free & yarn over movement

  1. knitting out of doors: after being a complete hermit & isolating myself to knitting infront of the computer, i am happy to be knitting in the sun again.
  2. life archive: i spend a lot of lost time being sucked into the life archive, particularly scouring for vintage ballet photos, sadly i think i’m finding less of these lately.
  3. women of the left bank, paris 1900-1940, by shari benstock: this book is one of my favorite thrift book finds & it has everything i obsess about.
  4. Montreal: i fell hard for Montreal, & i really miss my friend izzy, so her blog gives me a Montreal fix.
  5. orange lipstick: first it was red coral lipstick i loved & now i favor just straight out orange lipstick, it might be hard to wear, but who cares when your lips look like a popsicle.
  6. leather camera straps: it’s such a pain always dragging out your camera from your bag, & it isn’t exactly subtle for candid shots either.
  7. high-waisted panties: who can resist hannah’s bum in these vintage inspired knickers from her shop the loved one, & for myself i have to say i feel ok eating lots of chocolate in these flattering undies.
  8. preppy as the new rebellion: i think its really taken a turn in that boys in preppy attire is my kind of rebel, & girls for that matter too, like buttoned up collars.
  9. white walls: in any place i’ve moved, i’ve always painted over those white walls, but now it’s all i want ( sure, white hard wood floors too!)
  10. masterpiece theatre: its my weakness, period dramas, particularly when it involves wonderful costumes & shaking up the class structure, recent favorites on masterpiece theatre includes downton abbey. my favorite characters included the female rebels lady sybil crawley, the youngest daughter & politically inclined, along with the red-headed maid gwen, who wants to be more.
  11. art inconnu: whats not to like, the blog describes itself: “Collected here are works by artists who are forgotten, under appreciated, or little known, as well as news, reviews and ephemera from the corners of art history. Works of startling quality can be found beyond the big names in the visual arts, whether it is just one exceptional work, an area of an artists oeuvre, or an entire career worth re-examining.”
  12. carol kane: she looks like she stepped right out of a aubrey beardsley drawing.
  13. girls on bikes: i haven’t been on a bike in over a decade, i’m really missing out.
  14. least-wanted: sometimes bonnie jean is my facebook profile pic

Max Rollitt

my parents have bought antiques over anything new in the furniture department as far back as i can remember. when i was younger i thought it quite fuddy duddy and would roll my eyes like any good teenager when they spoke about yellowwood dining room tables and cape dutch food cupboards. fortunately i grew up and came to cherish and appreciate these things, and it has certainly influenced what kind of pieces i would choose today.

which is why i’m quite taken with the portfolio of max rollitt, a dealer & restorer of antiques as well as a trained furniture designer & maker whose company also specializes in bespoke furniture and interior design. be sure to check out the inspiration section, which has a pretty rad click through collage feature.

whenever i see an antique chair i can’t help but think of parson’s pleasure by roald dahl. i’ve read it so many times, and strangely always root for the antique dealer – even though i know i shouldn’t. oh, the ending makes me cringe.