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April 2011

  • Living


    budget. i hate that word. my financial methodology is more along the lines of “try to be sensible and then hope for the best.” i’m not a planner by any means. i…

  • Art, Living

    The Bootstrap Project

    i received a lovely email from maxine telling me about the bootstrap project – an organization she founded after travelling through swaziland in the summer of 2009, where she was inspired by…

  • Fashion

    The new girls

    have recently been introduced to two new personal style blogs that have gone straight into my reader. milk teeths that was recommended to me by kate, as well as the other emily recently…

  • Art, Design

    origami animals. origanimals.

    i can picture an arrangement of origami animals by south african origami artist quentin trollip on a table somewhere in my house. that would be magic. these have been designed & folded…

  • Photography

    Ellen Rogers

    ellen rogers is a london based photographer fashion photographer. through her work, rogers creates timeless dream worlds where temptresses seduce and lure you into unknown, dark lands. a firm believer in the…

  • Fashion

    la garconne o’clock

    let’s play that fun game if we had money to spend at la garconne their latest lookbook is none too shabby, either. speaking of inappropriate levels of shopping, have you seen this girl’s shoe…

  • Photography

    Coffee & cats

    keep having this crazy thought that i should be cutting down on my coffee consumption. bah! life’s too short not to be caffeinated. then i discovered seth restaino’s photographs, which illustrate that…

  • Music

    Last of the country gentlemen

    Josh T. Pearson promised himself he wouldn’t shave until he put out a second record. Now he hasn’t seen his face in “over ten fucking years” and doesn’t know what he’ll do…

  • r:mx


    perhaps you have noticed a common thread that pulls together most of the mixes so far… there is usually always a remix in there somewhere. i simply love them, and experience a…