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Oh, Paris!

Oh Paris, I like to see you in the rain, pretty girls in black berets, reading books in in sad cafes… - Dent May

what! did we just go back in time to nine months ago? no, i’m just reminiscing about paris … as per usual. i think i still have about 1000+ unedited photos from my trip. it’s almost too sad to look at them now.

all photos by me.

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  1. Gorgeous photos! I too have been reminiscing about time spent overseas. I guess changing seasons awaken the wanderlust.

  2. Stunning! The black and white picture from the restaurant, with the waiter in the background, looks like you stepped into a time machine… I love it!

  3. oh my goodness gracious, the black and white of the chairs/hallway???? amazing. the bokeh is so beautiful and perfect. wow wow you’re so good! thank you for sharing. now I really really want to go to Paris. or, well, travel and take pictures in general! ;)

  4. Lovely photos! I lived there for 3 years and just moved back to London and not ONE of my photos the whole time was as nice as yours. Well captured!

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