Let’s live here

spotted Château de Moissac on Desire to inspire and it made me go uurrrrggghhhhnnnnnnn whhhhyyyyy! what kind of torture is this?? why is this not MY château! damn the world! – etc.

Built in a hill-top village, a refuge for lovers of ancient stones…In the early 17th century, the Château de Moissac-Bellevue was a residence dedicated to relaxation, owned by a noble family from Provence. Sober, patrimonial, remarkable, with its monumental entrance, vast drawing-rooms and dining-rooms opening out to the gardens, its imposing kitchen, its bedrooms and bathrooms extending upwards to the attics, the building was rewarded for its exemplary restoration in June 2008 by the “Prix des Vieilles Maisons Françaises” sponsored by Emile Garcin.

(i’d get rid of all those chandeliers though)



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  1. says

    My goodness – it looks so perfect it’s almost hard to believe that it’s real at all… The light is amazing and I love the stone walls. It’s beautiful.

    Maybe a bit of a chilly chateau when it snows though, no? (I’m just trying to find its bad point…)

  2. says

    ah. it’s like a dream. reminds me so much of ‘A good year’ .. *sigh. I need find a way to retire early and live in a place like this for the rest of my life. :) definitely something to strive towards..

    beautiful post (as usual) x

  3. says

    This is totally dreamy and reminds me of this Jean Cocteau film I saw a few years ago. I wish I remembered the name of it!
    Anyways, I wouldn’t mind having picnics on that gigantic lawn every morning.