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Ruche & The Notebook

okay, i’ll admit it… i actually loved the notebook when it came out. 99% because of ryan gosling (obviously) & it is also quite aesthetically pleasing to watch. i could never watch it again because it seriously makes me cringe now and the story is pretty awful, but perhaps i can fast forward & just watch the gosling bits? anyway – had a bit of a trip down memory lane when i saw the Ruche 2011 Lookbook which took inspiration from the southern romance of the movie.

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  1. For some reason, this immediately reminded me of The Lady of Shalott — maybe it was the girl in the boat, I don’t know.. but I love it :)

  2. I was a 13-year-old girl when The Notebook came out, and while all my classmates fawned over it, I couldn’t help but cringe at the forced romance between the personality-less characters. This lookbook is absolutely gorgeous though, and the clothes! The ruffles! The lace!

  3. Gorgeous. I just returned home from a holiday in coastal South Carolina. It looked just like this!
    And I really want those spectator shoes!!

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  5. totally agree with the other comments – the notebook was such a letdown! & i love romantic films! but yes, visually it looked great. This collection really captures it, thanks for sharing.

    katie x
    {glass of fashion}

  6. I am lucky enough to live in Charleston, SC and see these sights on a daily basis.
    Those pictures are taken in Cypress Gardens… one of my fave spots. They are stunning and very well styled. Great post.

  7. I loved the movie, but please learn from me – never read the book! It was so awful I never made it past the first twenty pages, and now I’ll never get that time back.

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