1. I really like this – a small town full of women in high-waist shorts. They look fantastic (waists!) – but quite awkward to wear, I’d say – and if it is mid 50s I can’t imagine what the shiny harlequiny ones are made of!

    • i could be way off the mark about the date… i threw mid-fifties out their based solely on the cars and the audrey hepburn-esque sunglasses & shorts (which she did wear around that time). could be late fifties…?

      and yes, their waists!!

  2. My mom use to wear these type of short and I can just fit in to them! Use to wear them in high school when i was skinner! Loved them!

  3. It always amazes me how much our body shapes have evolved through the decades – it seems to me we are growing longer & less pronounced as the years go by. Breasts used to be jacked up like little rockets, waists were minute, thighs were full, and ankles were toothpicks. A compelling arrangement of extremes.


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  5. Tom Connolly says

    GOOGIE’S COFFEE SHOP was located at Fifth and Olive in Los Angeles, California. The building is now gone (as always seem to be the case) but a quick google search of Googies Los Angeles will bring up some neat photographs.

  6. Tom Connolly says

    Also, based on the fact that none of the cars in the background of the photographs have tail-fins, this would date the photo at 1956 or prior.

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