Ginger Odes

i’ve been trying to get my inbox organised (which, as everyone besides the obsessively organised know, is a task). there are many emails in my ‘starred’ folder from myself to myself reminding me of things, websites, interesting stuff i’ve come across… an inbox bookmarks folder if you will. i decided to clean it up and do some much needed deleting, which is when i found a reminder from over a year ago to post about photographer Ginger Odes. no time like the present.

Born in Cape Town in 1924, Ginger’s career was rooted in the air force as a reconnaissance and aerial photographer during World War II. After the war, he returned home to set up a photographic studio in Parliament Street, Cape Town … He soon made a name for himself for his work in fashion for clients including Harper and Vogue, who published a South African edition at the time.

read more about Ginger Odes here. images courtesy of Gallery F and PapaSA.



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    Oh good job you. Remember when I asked about pictures of people of color, from the past and you had mentioned that they’re hard to come across? I would agree, they definitely are (I have tried myself), but these are nice. I like the little boy leaning against the car.

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    These photos are great. I drove around Glenwood the other day. I like to classify it as old Durban. It was one of the first neighbourhoods in Durban, so a large portion of the homes are among Durban’s first. Had an amazing day exploring!

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    I don’t know a whole bunch about early 20thC South Africa. It’s really nice to see these. :) It’s sort of funny how even though I’m from New Zealand I feel a small connection to SA because we have such a growing SA population here and I know several people who are either from SA or have lived there (my sister-in-law being one).