i included a track by leann grimes in the through the jungle mix, but i want to urge you guys to go to his site and get the entire album (it’s free). leanne grimes is shane conerty, a 24 year old dude from north carolina –

this album was inspired by music blogs. and it was made to show my appreciation for them. each track on the record features a sample of an indie band i have found specifically on a music blog in the recent past. the tracks are humble arrangements of bands that i really enjoy and it’s my hope that people that enjoy this album will seek out the bands i’ve sampled and support them as well.

that’s really all you need to know! oh and that i have it on repeat. here’s his take on mrs cold by kings of convenience:


  1. wow, i just downloaded this. it’s incredible! this guy is so talented. thanks so much for posting about him!

  2. I just stopped by your blog to see if you had any new music posted, and what luck! I should’ve expected it though, missmoss is always top-notch. Thanks for sharing : ]

  3. Ah! I really liked that track on your through the jungle mix – thank you for the link. Such a clever idea too.

  4. I love it! I have started posting some music but not sure yet how to format or what days but it is so much fun to discover new music and this is awesome! Thanks!

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