i put together this playlist of paul simon / simon & garfunkel cover songs last week and have been wanting to share it… been toying around with the idea of sharing the mixes via a streaming site, and 8tracks seemed like a pretty good bet (thanks to kate for turning me onto them.) i know streaming can be a pain for my fellow south africans, but maybe give it a couple of listens if you’re using office bandwidth (muwahaaaa.) to everyone else with first world internet – enjoy.


  1. First Aid Kit – America (Simon and Garfunkel cover)
  2. Mumford & Sons – The Boxer (Simon and Garfunkel cover)
  3. Johnny Cash & Fiona Apple – Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon and Garfunkel cover)
  4. Deer Tick – Still Crazy After All These Years (Paul Simon Cover)
  5. Cher – Homeward Bound (Simon and Garfunkel cover)
  6. Joan Baez – The Dangling Conversation (Simon and Garfunkel cover)
  7. Grizzly Bear – Graceland (Paul Simon Cover)
  8. The Morning Benders – Mother And Child Reunion (Paul Simon Cover)
  9. Lucy Wainwright Roche – America (Simon and Garfunkel Cover)
  10. Two Door Cinema Club – Cecilia (Simon and Garfunkel cover)
  11. Jens Lekman – You Can Call Me Al (Paul Simon cover)
  12. Gotye – Graceland (Paul Simon Cover)
  13. Reid Jameson – Homeward Bound (Simon and Garfunkel cover)
  14. Platinum Piped Pipers f. Raheem DeVaughn – 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (Paul Simon Cover)


  1. Oh, will you still be sharing downloads as well? I love burning your mixes to CD to listen to in my car! (As my music collection is getting really old!)

  2. Baguette Bardot Reply

    But but Miss Moss!! Please continue to share downloads. Your mixes are the best thing ever! EVER.

  3. i’ll still be doing the usual bi-monthly downloadable mixes – just consider these streaming bad boys a happy bonus.

  4. Thanks, again, Miss!
    …But I unite to my fellow listeners above and beg you please to let us also download your mixes.
    Here, in Spain-pay-for-every-byte-of-internet, I can´t listen to your music selection on my ipod.
    And thanks for letting us know about 8tracks, great discovery… just to listen at home..snif.
    Big hug from Canary Islands, Spain.

  5. Simon & Garfunkel are among my favourite artists! It’ll be interesting to hear the covers.

    And I love your downloadable mixes since I’m usually on the go and away from my computer during the day… just wanted to let you know that they’re really appreciated!

  6. Lovely mix! Would you mind eventually sharing the tracklist somehow, should I want to seek out some of these songs later on my own? :)

  7. I LOVE your mixes as well, Miss Moss! Can you teach us technologically inept folks how to create mixes too? Please?

  8. Thanks Miss,

    It must take sooo much time to get these mixes together, thanks so much!
    i am trying to make your list of simon and garfunkel covers.. anyway your can turn it into your downloaded mixes..??


  9. Ah this is awesome! I’m a sucker for Simon and Garfunkel, and these are amazing covers.

  10. Holy Moly! I LOVE this. Lucy Wainwright Roche’s America gave me incredible chills. I’m moving across country this summer with my husband and we’re taking our time, driving zagzag out west from Georgia to Oregon, and I will play this song as we hit the OPEN ROADS!!

  11. Your blog is a recent discovery and I oh so love these mixes.
    I am glad to read that you will still be uploading some downloadable mixes.
    Thanks! I am sure it is all very time consuming but it is appreciated.

  12. oh my goodness, favoriting this on bloglovin’ and can’t wait to listen! thanks for sharing. this is pretty cool.

  13. lovin’ lovin’ lovin’ it* thanx!
    perhaps some freddie mercury for a future mix? imagine the wonderful possibilities for the cover!

  14. Dear Miss Moss,
    If you don’t already know, you will like “Afterlife” song on Paul Simon’s new album, So Beautiful So What.

  15. Love this playlist! and thanks for making it download-able – now i can listen to it on my ride to work :-)

  16. Love the mix but also track down Local Native’s version of Cecilia. It’s fantastic!

  17. Love the mix but be sure to also check out Local Native’s cover of Cecilia!

  18. Miss Moss everything about your blog rocks, great mix loving the new versions of some old favorites xxx

  19. Thank you so much! I love simon and garfunkel and simon + garfunkel! Can’t wait to listen to this! You’re the best.

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