another edition of these things.  i have yet to catch up with 1000+ unread posts in my reader. sigh, holidays get in the way of precious blog time. will be on top of everything soon enough, just you wait!

this dog (willy) by anamalousNYC

this cabin. by chris k.

“man cave with a view” – a house in majorca via the new york times t-magazine (that’s an R2-D2 ashtray!)

these gals. just lazing about in undies, looking pretty. by masha demianova

the identity design for coworth park by &smith seen via design work life

this girl by maya / turned out

this place. which made me go urrrgghhhnnn i want to go to there. by diego dos santos

rainbow gathering by benoit paillé via wolf eyebrows

imaginary art installations by david dimichele via i need a guide

the colour palette of this house via solid frog

lover at australian fashion week via studfarm & lovelorn unicorn

books online

this photo shoot by vanessa jackman (there’s that haircut again)

liv tyler in givenchy couture spring 2011 at the costume institute gala

this outdoor area (actually her entire house and everything she owns). by the selby.

this photo of former GI Ernest Kreiling looking over a cemetery with his bride.

this quote.

the mid-century modern showroom in salt river, cape town seen via visi

everything that’s been happening at tomboy style lately (there’s a book coming!)

these incredible prints by karl maughun for stolen girlfriends club via i’m revolting.

this converted church. via the contemporist

and lastly, wearing the pants hit 1000 followers! thanks to kate, siri & avalonne for all their amazing help.

image courtesy of streetstyle aesthetic


  1. That “this place,” the huge rock with the teeny people standing on top, is called Monkey Face (look closely) and it’s at Smith Rock in Oregon, an area that is like heaven for rock climbing. You would like Oregon if you like outdoorsy people. The state has kinda got the lumber-jack image. Other parts are more forested (with places that are actually temperate rain forests) than the area around Smith Rock. But if you like lumber jacks, you probably knew that. :)

    • I used to live in Bend and we would hike at Smith Rock all the time. Monkey Face is really awesome- we’d sit and watch people climb it. It is seriously high!

  2. You really are a beautiful curator of images and have an incredible eye. Thank you so much for your contribution!


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