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  1. Lenea says

    Wow that is an impressively decorated and commodious apartment!!! I heard that Hanna Bernhard is not too thrilled about Apfel’s new jewelry line Rara Avis slated for September with HSN. Apparantly the Toucan design is very similar to one Bernhard created. Drama. Needless to say I loved seeing these pictures of her home and her new line of jewelry is really fantastic. I just hope that there isn’t any truth to the allegations of stealing Bernhards design because that isn’t cool and would seem out of character and hopefully unintended.

  2. says

    There’s these two very eccentric old ladies that live in Thornton that have a house that’s the SA version of this. We befriended them and Kristina wanted to do a shoot there but their daughter got mixed up with it and told us to get lost.. we managed to get some photos but we’re respecting their wishes and leaving them offline. The place is incredible tho – has not changed much since the 40’s. The sisters are both in their late 80’s.

  3. says

    Wow! How have I never heard of this woman?! Her house is absolutely amazing! I would love to have a house like this, except I think it’s hard to make it look happily cluttered and not just cluttered. It’s just so happy!