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In which I gush about Anjelica

the first time i saw Anjelica Huston in a film was when she played Morticia in Addams Family. i was probably around 9 or 10 years old and just fell completely in love with her. she was the first woman in whom i recognised what sex appeal was – in a cool, understated, knowing way that wasn’t garish. which i suppose is a pretty significant moment for a kid on the cusp of learning about all that stuff and would become my benchmark of what sex appeal should be. some say she has a femme fatale quality about her but personally i think the term gentlewoman applies perfectly to Anjelica (that might be the influence of all those Wes Anderson characters talking). a gentlewoman femme fatale… perhaps.

another film that she was in that i loved as a kid (and still do) was The Witches. i am of course a massive Roald Dahl fan, and so had read & loved the book as a youngster… i kind of wanted the grand high witch to win in the end just because she was so cool in her portrayal.

my image sources here are pretty shit, i do apologise. most of these pics were saved to my computer anyway (…) – some of them are from youthquakers (specifically the old vogue shoots) and a few are from this great article.

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  1. WOW that sixth-from-the-bottom photo of her green eyes is electrifying. Also gotta have that stars sweater.

    I was introduced to her by Ever After, love her!

  2. Holy Hell, the Witches?!? One of my complete favorite films growing up!

    I adore the image of her with the bob on the train/subway in the plaid coat. Perfection.

  3. the first thing i can remember seeing her in was “ever after” as the evil stepmother. i absolutely hated her for the longest time, but then i realized that it was only because she was such a great actress – and i’ve loved her ever since. i also think she’s absolutely stunning – was and still is!

  4. Anjelica Huston is sooo amazing, she is a true beauty and icon. The Addams Family was the first film i saw of her and thats how i became a fan. She is a very special person and such a wonderful actress :)

  5. I can stare at her face for hours…Anjelica is amazing. The first time I saw her was from Addams Family too. I so wanted Morticia to be my mother and of course, I wanted to be Wednesday :)

  6. She’s beautiful! I just watched the Darjeeling Limited last night and I didn’t know she stars in that film! Grey-haired and all but still lovely!

  7. there are no words to describe how much I love this post. I’ve always thought sexiness had more to do with attitude than physical assets, and damn, she has attitude.

  8. What a stunning, stunning woman. These photos and descriptions are just perfect! I love the confidence behind her subtle smile— so sexy, you’re right. The Witches scaaaaared me when I was little but I was absolutely mesmerized by it.

  9. I LOVE Anjelica Huston. That’s a great collection of photographs. I recently posted about her, and only out up four, you put me to shame! Your blog is wonderful, I check it every day!

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  11. She’s such an incredible actress. Have you seen her in her latest role, in the series Smash? She plays such a dynamic character.

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