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Collages & Kings

i have been out of commission today, so just want to share more of my great friendĀ amy’s collages for inspiration’s sake.

these images are all from amy’s collection of cutouts from magazines & some were possibly printed from the internet. unfortunately i can’t list any of the sources – but if you by any chance see something that is yours let me know!

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  1. Wow, these are laid out amazingly well and the color pairings are quite inspirational!

    (…and quite different from my own mishmash attempts at collage, haha, which I just posted about today actually)

  2. Holy cow those mary jane style moccasins in the third collage from the top are just killing me. If you ever get any info on them I’d love to know more! Beautiful!

  3. Fabulous collages! I do this same thing but for my own personal inspiration in which I have three books (so far) organized by their decade of origin… A collection of inspirational things I want for 1.) Fashion/Personal Style 2.) Home 3.) My artwork.

    I use them as my life’s “Journal” and look back every once in awhile & chuckle @ what was inspiring me then. One day when I’m old & grey (check that one off my list!) I’ll see how my life compared against my journals. Who knows… maybe my boys will like inheriting such an eclectic mix of what was their mother?!!

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