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Check & Checked

i love plaid, even though it’s a “trend” that’s been around for years now. doubtless i will still love it long after it filters out of every department store. if i see a girl with a nice checked shirt tucked into good jeans or with a pair of well fit trousers i am guaranteed to turn and take a second look. so if you see me staring at you in the street, don’t be alarmed.

the sartorialist

the sf style

mr. newton

A.P.C. shirt at totokaelo

the sartorialist

mr. newton

the sartorialist & streetpeeper

clemence poesy for gap

life magazine archives via tomboy style

the sartorialist

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  1. agreed- i always excitedly wait for fall and winter to pull it out as it kind of only seems appropriate then- especially in africa. although i’d love to find a summer plaid.

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