Fondue Party

i’m not sure how fondue ever went out of fashion. it is a pot of melted cheese for heaven’s sake. there’s plenty of wine in there, and you stick pieces of bread into it. how is that not a good thing? an excellent thing, in fact. the first time i went to paris i overindulged in a mini pot of fondue at one of those terribly touristy restaurants on the left bank – it was wonderful, but i did feel a bit weird sitting there enjoying it by myself. there’s a good reason why a fondue set comes with 6 sticks you know. unless you enjoy eating an entire pot of cheese on your own… in which case, more power to you.

– image courtesy of cowtools

whenever the topic of fondue comes up (especially between jessica and i) we always muse that that our parents probably still have their fondue sets tucked away in a box somewhere. so many people seem to be under the impression that making fondue is a tedious undertaking, but the classic cheese fondue recipe is so simple – there are basically only 5 ingredients: cheese, wine, garlic, cornstarch & seasoning. i think it’s time to dig around in the garage and resurrect those avocado and mustard coloured beauties for some cheesy fun times.

i am also really excited by the thought of a beer fondue. cheese + beer = diana’s weakness.

dubliner cheese fondue – image courtesy of a spicy perspective

– spring green vintage fondue pot

– ingredients for a porcini cheese fondue, image courtesy of tastefood

ruffoni copper fondue pot & old dutch copper brass fondue set

– image courtesy of uh … bob



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  1. says

    I could go for a pot of cheese right now, to be honest. I could also eat it by myself, which is probably why my jeans aren’t fitting so well these days! Ha.

    Also, I have to show my mum this post, she’s addicted to cheese, loves beer, AND bread (but her jeans still fit fine, hmph).

  2. says

    I already coat every meal in cheese regardless – I certainly do not need encouragement! Haha.
    I’ve never had fondue, so maybe there’s little comparison, but generally when I’m looking for a melty cheese I can’t go past a good brie!

  3. says

    I think the top reason I’ve always wanted to try fondue is the existence of so many fantastic vintage pots! As in, “dang if they created such awesome holders for this sauce, they must have had something going on that I’m totally missing out on.”

    I’ve had chocolate fondue of course but you’ve inspired me to bust out the cheese this month, thanks! :)

  4. says

    Mmmmmh Fondue is soooo good! (I’m Swiss, no wonder I love it!)
    You seem to be eating it a slightly different way I do.
    Have you ever tried raclette? More melted cheese heaven!

  5. fabio says

    Hey good idea! I have been waiting for a moment to dust off my old Le Creuset fondue and the idea of a cheese and beer concoction is now heavy on my mind thanks to you: Roll on weekend!

  6. says

    I love me a good cheese fondue, but also grew up with meat fondue … dipping fresh smaller bites of beef into a vat/bowl of boiling oil. I used to love it as much as the cheeeeeeeeeeeeese … and as I wrote, I love me some cheese. I’ve had chocolate fondue too, but that is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much of a good thing. lol.

  7. says

    Pretty sure my parents had that exact same green fondue set in the 80s. I remember getting so excited for fondue night – the fact that we used color coated sticks as utensils always excited me. I had fondue back in January for the first time since I was a kid and it felt like heaven!

  8. Emily says

    i love fondue and recently discovered perfectly steamed brussel sprouts are amazing to dip into cheese! i’m always trying to find new things to dip, you should give them a try.