These Things No.15

these things issue no.15

was lucky to be featured in the july issue of  marie claire south africa along with some wonderful local bloggers. best part about it all though is that they included a picture of my mom – whose response was, “oh gosh!”

i did another little colour comparison colab with j.crewcheck it out it here

also loved picking my five favourites at spence for their first local bloggers feature

digging these beautiful leather etwas bags via jessica / shiny squirrel

enjoyed this tuscany editorial from a 1975 edition of vogue

these photos taken in paris, 1961 by loomis dean discovered by tara-lynn are magnificent

love the pattern design over at moniquilla via design work life

oh, green pants! now to find a nice pair…

credits left to right: stockholm streetstyle 1 & 2face hunter

speaking of street style – the sartorialis-twist amused me for way too long – refresh refresh refresh…

instantly fell in love with Always With Butter after seeing this Nutella + Banana cake

a 16 room mini Viennese castle on a 593-acre estate? i’ll take it!

this old photo discovered by martin petersen. on the back is written,

for mum. in the swiss dining wagon with swiss beer (big bottle = 0,10 dm) the food was good and very cheap. you could feel that you are in a land of peace. in the window frame: a bit of the swiss landscape, but very dull. who would not (according to bruno) fade out behind myself?

nature is rad. photograph taken by u*yam

first look at martin freeman as the hobbit (geek out!)

completely awestruck by artemis leatherware via mallory / where the lovely things are

these fashion illustrations by lotta nieminen

jen jones welsh quilts

mad men is officially on for 2012, by the way! here’s little sally draper’s closet over at the coveteur

this photo by tatjana radičević

really love the idea of this swing blade pencil sharpener by freetime industries

Work Place is a project by Carlie Armstrong detailing the work spaces of artists and craftspeople in Portland

menswear inspired accessories at W magazine

and finally, these flowery braids – a how-to over at 100 layer cake



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  1. says

    Congrats for Marie Claire, so well deserved. I’ve been reading your blog for so long and love your fashion and interior inspirations. Loving the shout-out to Miss Sally Draper – best dressed little-person on TV.

  2. says

    This round-up was astounding! Thank you. I am particularly tickled by the Tuscany feature from the vintage Vogue…having lived there 7 years, my heart swells at any *interesting* representation of that most beautiful of regions.

    Also…I recently thrifted 2 pairs of green pants; seafoam and chartreuse. Guess I was on-target! ;)

  3. says

    All the bags U show in this post are amazing!!!! Great post, really!!! All the pictures are so beautiful and cute… And congratulations for the Marie claire’s!!!

    Xxx from Formentera, Spain!! :D