in lieu of the fact that the music mixes are currently on hiatus i thought it would be a good idea to share some tunes with you that have been making my happy lately. nothing new here though, folks. i’ve only been entertaining the oldies.

PS: i can’t believe i haven’t included a Queen track in any of the mixes yet. i loved Queen so much growing up that my best friend and i staged a musical performing our favourite songs to our parents… i think they loved it (or they were just being really polite). you’re my best friend is a particular favourite because i always used to sing along to it in my mom’s car (it was the only cassette tape she had in there) and whenever it comes on now i feel like a 10 year old again.

elton john is another one of those dudes whose music makes me so happy, even though so many of his songs are rather bittersweet. the fact that i can sing along to them at the top of my voice probably does it for me.

(love how he dances at 1:10)


  1. Man alive! All these oldies took me back a couple of years. One of the only full albums we had on tape in our car was Graceland – Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. I swear I know every single word of every song on that at album. Awesome post.

  2. Browsing iTunes tonight before hitting your blog and I was actually listening to Nilsson!! For oldies sake, I also took in some Randy Newman (Me and My Arrow), Steven Stills (Manassas), Steeley Dan, Ballad of John (Beatles), Sweet Baby James (James Taylor) and Love Stuck Baby (Stevie Ray Vaughn). Also took in some new stuff, love Lissie’s When I’m Alone, Green Grass by I am Arrow, and yes I listened to some Rhianna. Loving your blog from the Arizona desert from a 50-something any-kind-of-art lover.

  3. oh yeah, my very favorite song right now is Afterlife by Paul Simon

  4. I looove that song from Velvet Underground (they’re the best)

    I also love your blog ** you’re the Velvet Underground of blogging

  5. This Must Be The Place is my all time favourite song! You my friend have exceptional taste in music. Also loving the rest of your blog. Followed x

  6. I have spent entire days listening to this talking heads song and nothing else. It just gets me every time.

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