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Wil Freeborn

i will always remember my illustration lecturer at university telling us repeatedly that the best illustrators and comic book artists always had their sketchbook with them, and were always drawing. any spare moment was spent observing, sketching and perfecting their craft. that is of course completely true and a philosophy that certainly applies to any skill.

so i was¬†immediately¬†taken back to that classroom when i saw the pages of Wil Freeborn’s incredible sketchbooks. had mixed feelings of admiration and jealousy when browsing through these – what a talent.

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  1. Aydekay says

    We were supposed to do a sketchbook entry every day, and then hand them in at the end of the semester. As you can imagine many a frantic last weekend was spent trying to do 3 months worth of convincing illustrations. I actually wish I had gotten into the habit. Maybe I’ll start this weekend… (hah!)

    • we had to do the same thing, and the EXACT same situation always played out!

      “omg i haven’t drawn in my sketchbook all year”

  2. I’ve just picked up my pencils and paints again after giving up art at high school quite a few year back now (a lady never gives her age, right?!)… these are awe-inspiring and jealousy making in equal measure, as you say. Quite makes me want to put my pens down again!!

  3. wow, he was actually drawing my city Glasgow..!
    The second one is at Kelvinglove art gallery and the third one is cafe Stereo.
    thanks for sharing lovely things. .

  4. Minette says

    this is truly incredible! I also remember a girl in our design school… very quiet, but I glimpsed her sketchbook and was amazed! what a talent!

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