Carven Resort 2012

the Carven 2012 Resort Collection has completely swept me up into a frenzy of bowed shoes, neat collars and beautiful geographical and heidi-esque prints. too bad the model looks so unhappy, though. almost as if the creative director said to her, “listen – we need you to look as sad as possible. pretend that you hate the clothes! yeah that’s right… modelling these beautiful clothes really sucks.”



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  1. says

    These are gorgeous – thank you for posting them. I was already in a swoon over the yellow pinafore style yellow dress … then I scrolled down to see the bow shoes … oh my! I’m heading off for a lie down to recover now!

  2. says

    Mon Dieu. The model looks so sad and so miserable that I cannot focus on the outfits. Bouououh. il feel bad for her and I want to drag her to the beach with me. Eat tons of carbohydrates and drink a bit too much. And feel young
    (but i still love your blog,though)

  3. BC says

    Veronique & Mosey are right–why is this model so sad when she is wearing such exquisite clothes? While she is very beautiful, her expression is a distraction.

  4. says

    Haha, I just read all comments and have to say, I hadnt even noticed the really sad face of the model (clothes are visually more powerful!). She looks really depressed, I agree

  5. Maria says

    love each and every piece – the coats, the dresses, the blouses, the shorts, the shoes! exquisite collection… oy, but I wonder, how can they have a model wearing these clothes – I mean there’s a bright canary yellow outfit – and be ok with such sad/miserable/empty expressions.. don’t need her smiling but hey, it’s distracting

  6. says

    Oh man, it’s so true. Models of high fashion are usually so unrelatable in look and expression 90% of the time. It’s really similar to the way I view interiors– I want things to look real and relatable, and I don’t get that from perfectly curated white couches OR stony faced models no matter how amazing the outfit.
    Also, loving the scrunchy theme throughout this collection, it’s so playful.