1. So glad to finally know who this is. I’ve been ob.sessed. with her too, ever since I saw that portrait by the Sartorialist. A lady after my own tie-wearing heart.

  2. LOVE her style. Wish I could pull off the men’s wear look as suavely as she does – ahmazing, especially the bow tie look. I don’t blame you for your obsession.

  3. florence says

    just saw her on sartorialist too… queen of pulling of amazing menswear! i have a bow-tie that’s never been worn, hiding in my drawer.

  4. Yay for androgyne! I love the adrogynous, tomboy style – me, for most of my life : )

    Chrissy hynde, Nico, Lauren Hotton, Annie hall and now Janie – yay!

    I recently saw janie on Stockholm Streetstyle blog.

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  6. Sarah Jane says

    There’s this girl in my grade named Janie Cai! She is sooo loud and she can be reeeeaaaallly annoying! Hahahah Mrs. Ault hates her

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