Escher & Menswear

i tend to forget that Escher actually did other work besides drawing hands and relativity. his tessellation designs are quite beautiful – i’ve been wanting to pair them with something interesting for some time now.

well i don’t know about you guys, but the street style that’s been snapped at the recent menswear shows in milan and paris have been more fascinating to me than anything else fashion related in recent weeks. the men in particular are so striking and daring in their outfit choices and sartorial combinations (though of course not “daring” at all in fashion circles – merely to us ordinary folk). sometimes i wish men who aren’t in the fashion industry would be more flamboyant and adventurous in the way they dress, without worrying about what people might think. go forth!

credits top to bottom: the street fashion 5x pro ; tommy ton ; tommy ton ; streetfsnstreetfsn



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    great post! I’m loving the patterns next to the photos, really beautiful. yesterday i saw a man in clogs and wondered why i don’t see more stylish men where i live….then i remembered where i live and everyone is always in their swimming suit and flip flops :)