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I am loving Revu.

Revu. was born out of an encounter between two personalities and two creative worlds. Laetitia Hotte is a French photographer with a sharp eye and a passion for the vivid stories captured by images, while Sara Eriksson is a Swedish fashion designer, a stylist and a master of fashion in all its guises. They both share a love for vintage. Revu. is their Paris-based e-shop. It provides an answer to Laetitia and Sara’s quest for original, unique and affordable vintage and second hand pieces.  It also celebrates sustainable style rather than disposable fashion.

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  1. You have such an inspiring blog! This collection is beautiful, very summery and calming. I love the lengths of the skirts and the baggy trousers.

  2. OMG so funny ! I’ve just bought the leather suede skirt like two hours ago, before seing this post. AND there was a Missmoss voucher code. So : THANK U !!!!!

    See U !

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