Valentino Fall Couture 2011

what i find pretty strange is that i’m often labelled as a fashion blogger – something i have never called myself. i don’t pretend to know anything about fashion, my knowledge of what goes on in the industry is on par with any other girl (or guy) that occasionally buys vogue or glances over the latest runway shows. my interest in it is purely aesthetic. sometimes it manifests itself in what i choose to wear, though i’d like to think that a person’s taste develops over the years rather than being plucked from the pages of a magazine or whatever trend is running rampant on the runways.

i hope that this blog is more than just a ‘fashion blog’ to you too. i don’t go by any kind of formula for what i choose to post – some weeks there are more fashion posts than anything else, mostly because i’m kind of a tart for a well cut blouse and a nice handbag… just felt i needed to get that off my chest before delving into the Valentino Couture collection. hah!

this has to be my favourite of all the couture collections… except maybe maybe maybe for Givenchy – though, i did not revisit it as much as I did Valentino. i’m not easily swayed by anything too pretty, girly or flouncy when it comes to designer gowns (or clothes in general) – so this collection really hits all the right notes with its medieval & gothic influences.

runway images courtesy of vogue and image credits from top to bottom: NYPL one & two ; Peacay ; Botticelli ; Piero della Francesca ; Giovanni Bellini



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  1. eblouissante says

    Wonderful post! I’ve been following your blog for ages but this is my first comment. (sorry!) I never quite understood the appeal of couture but your juxtapositions with medieval art have really helped me appreciate the elegance of these creations (: And no, I certainly don’t think of you as merely a fashion blogger – in fact, I love your photography and music posts just as much and quite possibly more!

  2. says

    Love this post. You are definitely not just a fashion blogger. Most fashion bloggers just repost images, but by creating beautiful creative comparisons you make us see fashion in an entirely different way. Well done Miss Moss!

  3. says

    well, i for one have never considered you to be strictly a fashion blogger! you have so much else going on over here.

    and i LOVE how medieval these are!!! my absolute favorite is the second one down, on the right – the cut is amazing!

  4. says

    hi diana, i put your blog in the ‘lifestyle’ folder of my bookmarks. i know, i don’t really like that word, but i just didn’t know where else to put it. ;) you cover so many aspects of design/art/life…and that’s what makes your blog so inspiring. you always pick the best cherries! :)

  5. says

    This was definitely my favourite couture collection as well- possibly my favourite collection of any type for the last few years. Every piece seemed to have purpose, a reason for existing that belied the deep research and thought that went into each design. Your juxtapositions are very smart, very correct…

  6. says

    Oh my, the gown with bows all the way down the back is so stunning.

    Just so you know, your blog is like a scrapbook to me where I can find lovely things that inspire me, be it music, fashion, art, or whatever else you might share. I love it. Hands down my favourite blog actually!

  7. says

    I love this post! It really made me think about the collection in a different way. I really do like your blog! Your fashion editorials are my favorite though. However, fashion is so much more about clothes. It’s about history, art, emotion, etc. It really is such a human experience. I think people become frightened about fashion.

    It’s all about point of view!

  8. says

    Hi Diana, to me your blog is truly more than just a fashion blog!
    I love how you’re always focused on details!

    Your blog is one of the most inspiring ones to me!

    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful inspiration!

  9. carina says

    I don’t know what I would label you as, since I don’t believe in labelling neither people nor blogs. I think people call it a fashion blog if the fashion posts are what makes them return. I like all your posts, but I’m especially a sucker for the colour comparisons since I love art. So if I did divide my blog links into groups, I think I would have to call you an art blog – but your blog is obviously so much more

  10. says

    I actually don’t think of your blog as a fashion one either, although I appreciate your sensibility in that area just as much as in others. I often go to it when I feel on the down side, it’s a great place to get inspired in so many ways- precisely because it’s eclectic. so thank you!

    and, beautiful post, love the medieval parallels!

  11. says

    Lady, what you have is an eye for things. All things, not just fashion. You must have a good pictorial/sculptural memory as well, with how well you put things together. I love it.

  12. says

    “i’m kind of a tart for a well cut blouse and a nice handbag…”

    I want some variation of this on my headstone.

    Also, LOVE this Valentino collection. I like imagining myself as a person of entertainment importance, attending a highly photographed event wearing one of these gowns.

    Isn’t just imaging that scene some variation of The Secret? Oh, I hope so.